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Watch again: the first in WC2 Network’s Urban Futures Series

Watch a recording of the first in a year-long series of webinars on the network’s newest theme, Urban Cybersecurity.  

Cybersecurity is a growing and highly topical area as the way we live and work in cities increasingly takes place online. In this webinar we’ll consider the security vulnerabilities and risks of smart cities, and the ways in which our universities are partnering with industry and governments to develop strategies to mitigate these risks.

We hear from expert speakers representing four cybersecurity research and teaching centres across the network about how their research, industry engagement and teaching is addressing new urban vulnerabilities.

This session is  preceded by a review of how far we’ve come as a network in this, our tenth anniversary year.  We also look ahead to this year’s virtual programme of events and our plans to grow research activity across the network as we hand over to incoming WC2 Chair, Professor Birdsell, at City University of New York.

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