Faculty Opportunities

Faculty from WC2 member institutions are invited to explore the following opportunities for inter-disciplinary and cross-border cooperation.

This program provides an opportunity for faculty and lecturers from across the WC2 Network who are teaching in related fields to observe, learn from and provide feedback on each other’s courses. Loosely modelled on RMIT’s Peer Partnerships initiative, the aim is to create opportunities for collegial engagement on teaching practice across borders. Faculty and lecturers looking to find a partner can submit their interest via this online form.

How it works:

Faculty and instructors who wish to connect with others across the network may submit their information to WC2 for assistance identifying potential partners. Once faculty and instructors submit their information via the above form, WC2’s administrative coordinator will look for matches within the pool of submissions and/or contact colleagues at member universities requested to share submitted information. Member university staff may then identify appropriate faculty and departments and share the submitted information. If a match is identified, the administrative coordinator will connect the two faculty members.


Farryl Last
WC2 Administrative Coordinator
Email: farryl.last@cuny.edu

WC2 focuses on six themes exploring cultural, environmental and political issues:

Faculty at WC2 member universities are invited to learn more via the above links and contact the Theme Leader to get involved.

Contact information for each WC2 university’s Strategy Group representative is listed on each Members page.

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