The WC2 Network Welcomes a New Chair

Kevin Hom, Associate Professor of Architecture at CUNY’s School of Technology and Design, Accepts Appointment to Chair Position

The World Class World Cities (WC2) Network announced the appointment of Kevin Hom as network Chair. Hom, who has worked with WC2’s Eco-Campus theme group for over eight years, brings a wealth of experience to WC2. “The lessons and opportunities I have experienced have been rewarding and invaluable and it is this that motivates me to work on behalf of the network as Chair,” Hom shared. “What we have learned during this last difficult year is the enduring appeal of the WC2 mission. Our challenge is to maintain and improve WC2 while continuing to expand opportunities for faculty, institutional sharing and student development.”

Hom served as the Dean of the School of Technology and Design for the City University of New York for eight years, resuming a full-time faculty appointment as an Associate Professor of Architecture after completing his term as Dean. He is also President of Kevin Hom Architects, a national design firm with education facility projects throughout the United States. The practice has won numerous awards, including the Society of American Registered Architects 2008 “Firm of the Year” award, and Hom has lectured at universities and professional conferences about topics such as architectural design, urban planning and sustainable practices. He was elected as a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects in 2017, served as a visiting resident professor of architecture at the Politecnico di Milano in 2019, and is a Fulbright scholar.

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