Member universities participating in the business theme see the role of enterprise and innovation as a catalyst for urban improvement and a provider of solutions to the problems cities face today.  Entrepreneurial activities stimulate economic growth and social well-being and their contribution assists in achieving urban sustainability; economically, socially and environmentally.  While economic sustainability underpins most enterprising activities, the “triple bottom line” desired by society today means that the impact of economic activity must consider its effects on society and the environment.  This sustainability symbiosis is examined within a large city context through the inclusion of research into social enterprises and social entrepreneurship, and the emerging fields of environmental enterprise and ecopreneurship.  The goal of the business theme participants is to work collaboratively to present research and case studies consistent with an annual theme, and to seek to produce outputs intended to inform and advise numerous stakeholders.

Watch the winning Business submission from the WC2 Research Elevator Pitch competition :


Theme Leader
Dr. Philip Walsh
Ryerson University
Email: prwalsh@ryerson.ca

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