The industrial world has reached a point in its development where the undisciplined exploitation of natural resources and the predominant generation of energy utilising fossil fuels is no longer an option.  Coupled with continued population growth and expanding industrialisation, new solutions regarding the management of our natural resources and the means and methods for generation of energy are urgently needed.  Furthermore, the impact of climate change requires nations to create a new model for the consumption and generation of power which necessitates a change in methodology and strategic planning.  The consortium of universities of the WC2 University Network is committed to addressing these issues and the Eco-campus group of WC2 is engaged in research designed to find specific solutions.

The goal of the Eco-campus group of WC2, in its commitment to addressing the global issue of environment management and the challenges of climate change, is to develop the “Zero Emissions Urban University Model.”  WC2 universities have the unique opportunity to apply their intellectual capital to developing a systematic scientific model for a university that could achieve zero carbon emissions performance. This model can be a working demonstration of technological, engineering, and political solutions that deal with the pressing global issues of climate change and sustainability.

WC2 universities have agreed to promote research and to assemble existing technologies/solutions to provide methodologies to achieve zero emissions performance.  Using the Zero Emissions Urban University Model as a guide, the Eco-campus group will encourage their own national communities as well as the affiliate universities of the WC2 Network to develop their own plans of action to meet the target of zero emissions in the foreseeable future.  The main goals of the Eco-campus group are:

  • To define the concept of the zero emissions campus.
  • To work to define a master plan and master plan strategy for implementing the zero emissions campus.

Watch the winning Eco-Campus submission from the WC2 Research Elevator Pitch competition :


Theme Leader
Claus Steffan
Technische Universitat Berlin
Email: claus.steffan@tu-berlin.de

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