2018 Toronto Symposium

The fourth WC2 Symposium, hosted by Ryerson University, took place in August 2018 in Toronto, Canada. Representatives from WC2 members around the world gathered to consider the theme of ‘Migration, the City and the University’.

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the fourth largest in North America and, as one of the most multicultural cities in the world, an ideal setting for these discussions. Over fifty percent of its residents belong to minority groups and more than 160 languages are spoken in the city. Symposium attendees learned about Canada’s migration experience from eminent speakers including Canadian writer and political philosopher, John Ralston Saul, and politician and academic, Ratna Omidvar.

Attendees then split into groups of faculty and students to explore the issues in their thematic groups of transport, eco campus, food policy, culture, health and business before reporting back on their findings and follow up plans. Find out more at the Symposium webpage

While in Toronto WC2 representatives also initiated planning for the 2019 Symposium, to be hosted by Peter the Great St Petersburg Polytechnic University in Russia.

View photos from the Symposium here

The Opening Plenary video here

The Closing Plenary video here

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