Links forged in Speech and Language Therapy between USP and City, University of London

Aparecido Soares, or Cido for short, is a Speech and Language Pathologist from the University of Sao Paulo (USP), visiting City for one month to learn more about our Speech and Language department and to explore possibilities for collaboration. The visit arose from Professor Vicky Joffe’s time in Sao Paulo for the WC2 Symposium last Summer. While in Brazil Vicky met with counterparts at USP to learn more about the Speech and Language training courses there and see the facilities available at USP, which include laboratories and a clinic-school. Cido, who has worked at USP since 2010 as a clinical tutor and supervisor, met Vicki during her visit and, in agreement with Professors Claudia Andrade and Debora Befi-Lopes, arranged a return visit to London.

During his time here Cido has learned more about City’s speech and language provision and visited primary and secondary schools as well as specialist speech and language schools. The key differences that he has noted are that, at 5 years, the course at USP is longer, while the course here is 3 years. The USP course also includes a mandatory internship with a speech and language therapy provider. Also, in Brazil, the understanding of what constitutes speech and language therapy is broader than in the UK, including reading, writing, speaking and voice. Students enrolled on the course also work very closely with patients of all ages at one of the largest hospitals in Sao Paulo.

Cido sees a huge amount of value in networks such as WC2, it creates opportunities for counterparts to learn from each other as well as for research collaboration and student exchange, which enriches their work.

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