WC2 Research Elevator Pitch 2021

Can you present your thesis in three minutes or less?


We are calling on PhD and masters research candidates to present an overview of your project in three minutes, using just one slide.

An elevator pitch is a clear and simple explanation of an idea or a project for a generalist audience, which could in theory be presented in the time it takes to ride in an elevator. This 2021 Virtual Symposium program provides an opportunity for doctoral researchers from across the WC2 Network to showcase their research projects to others working in related fields, and in the process to develop skills in articulating one’s research to a generalist audience. This is loosely modelled on the University of Queensland’s Three-Minute Thesis initiative, and the Virtual 3MT in particular.

Simply record a three-minute presentation by the end of July and upload it to the WC2 website here. Winning entries will be announced at the virtual symposium event on 11 August — register here!

You are encouraged to identify which of the WC2 Network Themes your research aligns with, as this will enable you to more easily connect with others working in the same theme at other institutions. The list of themes, and a link to more information about each is below, or if your research is outside of these themes, feel free to go ‘freestyle’.

Simply film yourself speaking to camera, maximum three minutes, with an image/diagram/slide next to you. Here is some advice about how to craft a short presentation about your research, and here for inspiration are some videos of winners of a similar three minute thesis competition held in 2020.

Submission Instructions:

When you are ready to upload your video, download and sign the License Agreement. Then, submit your information using this link.

After submitting your contact details, you will automatically be redirected to a Dropbox page where you can upload both your video submission and a signed License Agreement. You can upload multiple files — make sure you upload BOTH your video submission and your signed License Agreement.

Name your files using the following format: LAST NAME_FIRST NAME, UNIVERSITY, THEME

Deadline for submission: 4 August 2021

You do not need a Dropbox account to share your files via the above link. If you have difficulty accessing the link and/or uploading your files, please contact Farryl Last at farryl.last@cuny.edu to make alternate submission arrangements.

Your video will then be made available for others to view on this page.

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