WC2 Undergraduate Challenge 2020

The WC2 Network welcomed students to the first annual challenge, Imagining Urban Futures in a Post Covid world.


“Participating in the WC2 Challenge 2020 was a wonderful experience for me. I learned a lot and met some wonderful people from around the world. Working with International students was a new and rewarding experience for me. With each challenge completed, I gained more confidence in my ability to contribute to the high standards set by the group. We encouraged each other, helped and reassured each other in our pursuit to successfully complete our project. I appreciate the benefits that I’ve gained through this rewarding experience. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in this program. Also, adding this experience to my Resume will, I feel, provide me with even further opportunities in the future.” – Christine Paterson, Ryerson University

“When I received the email from my university about the project, I was very excited to participate because it would be a unique experience to discuss such important topics with students from different countries. Today I see that I learned even more than I expected with the project. A great lesson I learned was to understand how the reality of each one can affect the perspective on the same problem. With students from such different countries, the view on the same problem can be different, but at the same time, there are converging aspects that bring us closer. Being part of this project was a great learning experience, both in terms of developing group work skills and learning more about different cultures and how we can help each other to overcome the problems of the world.” – Eduarda Padilha, Universidade de São Paulo

“Participating on the WC2 project, more specifically on the Eco Campus theme, was one of the most incredible and challenging experiences I have lived during the one and a half year of graduation. I was able to work with an international and multidisciplinary group, exchange opinions, train my second language, meet mentors from all over the world, participate in workshops and exercise what I learned in the university, by doing research and designing a sustainable building. I hope to have another chance like this soon because it was, definitely in a good way, a great opportunity for me to get out of my comfort zone!” – Beatriz Varani Eleutério, Universidade de São Paulo

“Participating in the WC2 programme has been a rewarding experience. I have learned how to communicate clearly with students around the world and work as a team. This has been especially challenging over zoom, however, I feel that it has taught me how to utilise my emails, WhatsApp and google documents to clearly communicate ideas with my team members which is an important skill. It has been a rewarding experience and I feel much more confident approaching teamwork.” – Halima Hassan, City, University of London

“As soon as I saw the project I wanted to participate! What fascinated me was the integration with different countries and the environmental theme. I participated in the EcoCampus theme and it was great, because it is very present in our routines at the university. So it was amazing to find ways to make our university campuses sustainable. I learned a lot with my colleagues from different countries, I got to know a little about the cultures and everyday life of each one. It was also really cool to work with different courses and see how they connect. I will definitely take this experience to other projects that I intend to participate. If I had the opportunity to participate again, I would definitely participate.” – Ana Clara Antunes Costa de Andrade, Universidade de São Paulo

“I decided to participate in this project because I wanted to have challenges. I was a person who loved new experiences and WC2 was a great opportunity. WC2 offered me the challenges of creating a big project and communicating with many new people. And now with this experience, I have a good network in the business area and can talk about my experience to gain new opportunities in the future.” – Edvaldo Pereira de Santos, Universidade de São Paulo


The WC2 Network is inviting undergraduate students from participating universities to join an interdisciplinary, collaborative and virtual project. Students will have the opportunity to expand their networks, gain skills in online intercultural collaboration and explore the topic of a post-COVID future from multiple thematic lenses.

Cross-university teams will be formed, which will then dig deeper into imagining urban futures in a thematic area. You will be invited to consider a future that accounts for the global and local effects of not only the pandemic, but also the multiple global changes and social movements that are shifting the public imagination (including, for example, movements for action on climate change, Black liberation, Indigenous sovereignty and others). All participants will be enrolled in a microcredential from RMIT and will also have the opportunity to present virtually at next year’s WC2 conference which will be hosted by RMIT in Melbourne in Summer 2021.


  • All participating students will have the opportunity to enroll in RMIT’s Working with Global Clients Online microcredential.
  • The top ranked project submissions will be provided with the opportunity to present virtually at next year’s WC2 conference.
  • You will have access to cultural workshops run by Common Purpose.
  • You will grow your global network, working with students from across the world including Australia, Vietnam, Singapore, UK, U.S, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and Russia.
  • You will gain career-ready skills in virtual collaboration and intercultural communication.


Students from participating universities are eligible to register. Current confirmed participating universities include:

  • RMIT University - Campuses in Australia, Vietnam and Singapore

  • City, University of London - United Kingdom

  • Ryerson University - Canada

  • City University of New York-USA

  • University of São Paulo (USP) - Brazil

  • Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana (UAM) - Mexico

  • Technische Universität Berlin-Germany

  • Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University - Russia

There will be an introductory and a reflective workshop run by Common Purpose. an organisation with extensive experience in leadership development. The workshop will focus on Working in Diverse Teams and Intercultural Communication.

It's RMIT’s Working with Global Clients Online microcredential. You will be invited to opt in to access it at the outset and we will ask you for some basic details in order to enroll.

No, this is not a credit bearing programme and will not contribute to your final degree at your home institution. However, the RMIT microcredential and the experience of having been involved will be something you can add to your CV and talk about in interviews for future employment and work experience.

If your application is successful you will be assigned to a small team made up of students from participating universities around the world with different academic specialisms. You will be provided with their contact details and given a suggested structure for how to organise and progress your team work, as well as dates for the virtual Common Purpose workshops and meetings with your academic supervisors. The rest of the organisation is up to you and will hopefully be part of the learning experience!

No, this programme is completely free.

It is understood that you will be participating in this project alongside your normal university coursework and we have kept this in mind in the structure of the project. The organisation of meeting and division of work will ultimately be for you to decide within your group, as this part of the programme - project management across borders!

Option 1: Tues 1st December

Mexico – 17:00

Toronto/NY – 18:00

Brazil – 20:00

London – 23:00

Germany – 00:00 – 2nd Dec

Russia – 02:00 – 2nd Dec

Melbourne – 10:00-2nd Dec

Option 2: Wed 2nd December

Mexico – 11:00

Toronto/NY – 12:00

Brazil – 14:00

London – 17:00

Germany – 18:00

Russia – 20:00

Melbourne – 04:00– 3rd Dec


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